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First Specialized Meeting on Contract Farming was held

First specialized meeting on contract farming was held in Jihad –agriculture ministry on 1, Tuesday, 2018.

At the inauguration ceremony, H.Shirzad, the managing director and chairperson of the board, analyzed the basics and background of the contract farming.

Referring to the historical background of contract farming, Shirzad stated that whenever trade agriculture has been emerging as a business opportunity, contract farming has emerged too.

"Dates back to the first decade of 19th century, contract farming is not a newly arrived aspect in the Iranian agriculture history", he added.

 Enumerating the positive consequences of contract farming on the different steps of agricultural process including extension and education, processing, sharing the production risk factors, tackling the financial challenges as well as quality improvement, he said that contract farming is the result of evolution of economic activities of agriculture substantiated in the form of contract s between farmers and traders.

"As a mutually agreed upon by two parties, the state sector support and guarantee the implementation of contracts. Adopting comprehensive regulations and rules as well as MOUs by governments would guarantee the contract farming "he added.

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